What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and how do I set it up?

What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security designed to ensure that you are the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your Password. Using a Username and Password together with a dynamic layer of Two Factor Authentication makes it more difficult for your account to become compromised. When first registering, your default Two Factor Authentication will be set to Email Two Factor Authentication. This means a dynamic unique code will be emailed to your registered email address every time you sign in (Email Two Factor Authentication). Email will become your default Two Factor Authentication for every login after that.

NOTE: The unique code will expire after 15 minutes. 

You can also upgrade your 2FA default settings by following the instructions below. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We strongly recommend our users upgrade their default Two Factor Authentication after registering to either an Authentication Application (e.g. Google Authenticator or Authy) or our Cryptopia Authenticator Device. These methods generate a timed unique code that you need to access every time you log in. Please see this article on the Help Centre for instructions on how to set these up.

How do I change my 2FA preferences?

#1. When you first registered your account with Cryptopia, you will be prompted to log in using firstly your Email Address, secondly your case sensitive Password and finally your dynamic unique 6 digit Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Email Code that will be emailed to your registered email address
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#2. Once logged in, go to your account Security settings. You will be presented with the 'Unlock Settings' window.

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#3. To unlock your Security Settings, you will need to enter the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Email Code which has been sent to your registered email address and click the 'Unlock' button
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#4. To change the type of 2FA on your account, you will need to remove it first. For example, if you want to set up a different 2FA type for your withdrawals, please, follow the next steps:

a) Click on 'Remove TwoFactor';
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b) Enter your Email Code which has been sent to your registered Two Factor Email Address and then click on 'Remove';

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PLEASE NOTE:  This email will allow you to double check that your account is secured from unauthorized access. If you did not initiate this change of two-factor settings, we recommend locking your account and following our article on 'What do I do if I think my account has been compromised?'

#5. Once removed, you can click on 'Setup TwoFactor' and then select the new type of 2FA from the drop down box.

PLEASE NOTE: You can choose to select a different 2FA for each activity on your account. 
PLEASE NOTE: You will need to remove your current 2FA setting for each activity before you can select and apply other types.

Information on each type of 2FA available on Cryptopia can be found below. We STRONGLY ADVISE that you enable 2FA on your account for additional security.

a) Email – This is the default 2FA when you register with Cryptopia. You will be required to enter a unique dynamic code that will be emailed to your registered email address (Email Two Factor Authentication) for every login and account action, e.g. Settings (Security), Lockout, Withdraw or Transfer, and Tip.

Please bear in mind if you change your registered email address, this will not change the email address your code is sent to.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using a separate email to your everyday or personal email  for your Cryptopia account. 

b) Authentication Application (e.g. Google Authenticator or Authy) – 
These are applications (apps) that generate timed codes and can be easily connected to your Cryptopia account. Some example apps are Google Authenticator and Authy and you can download these from the Google Play and App Store. To use Google Authenticator, install it on your mobile device either from the Google Play or App Store and follow the instructions from within the app. 

PLEASE NOTE: After scanning the QR code and generating a timed code, you must first click 'Verify Code' as seen below before you can submit. If correct, this will turn green and you will be able to submit this as your 2FA method.
Google Authenticator

c) Cryptopia Authenticator – This is a physical Two-Factor Authentication device that is specifically linked for your Cryptopia account. You can purchase your own Cryptopia Authenticator from Paytopia. It is linked to your account and generates one time pin numbers to ensure your account is secure and well-protected. 

#6. When you apply a new 2FA setting, you are given the option, ticked by default to apply the same 2FA setting to all other unsecured activities on your account. Only those activities which do not currently have any form of 2FA enabled will be included. You can choose to untick this box and have different 2FA on different activities.

If you want to have the same 2FA for every action, firstly remove the 2FA from each action. Then, once all removed apply the 2FA you would like and apply with the box ticked.
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#7. If you are experiencing an issue with invalid 2FA codes, please first check what type you are being prompted for and read the relevant troubleshooting tips for the type you have enabled.

PLEASE NOTE: Entering your login credentials, including 2FA codes, incorrectly 3 times in a row,  will automatically lock your account for 15 minutes. After this time, your account will automatically unlock and you can try again. Our Support team cannot reverse this lockout. 

#9. Your Two Factor Authentication (2FA) should now be changed or modified.

If you need to reset your 2FA, please see this article.