A coin I hold is being delisted – what do I do?

From time to time, coins and wallets need to be decommissioned from Cryptopia. Rest assured, Cryptopia delists coins that could expose our users to risk and do so to maintain strict security protocols. Most delistings are related to the currency running on an unreliable network causing issues with transactions, are unsustainable or 51% attacks. Sometimes we delist a coin that will be performing a coin swap, in this instance we try to give as much information as possible about swapping your coins. 

PLEASE NOTE: Cryptopia aims to give at least one (1) months notice before decommissioning a coin or wallet. However, in some instances an immediate delist is required to protect our users.  If a coin is being delisted, a notification email is send to all users holding that coin. We recommend bookmarking our News page to stay up to date on delisting's.

When you are notified that a coin you hold is being delisted, we recommend you withdraw your balance from Cryptopia to another wallet as soon as possible. See this article on how to withdraw

PLEASE NOTE: Once a coin is delisted, the wallet will be removed from Cryptopia and we will be unable to recover any remaining coins which were not withdrawn.

Once the process of delisting has commenced you cannot deposit, generate an address, or trade that coin.