Why isn't my balance available?

There is a number of reasons why your available balance of a cryptocurrency coin might not be what you are expecting. The information below may help identify the reason. 

My 'Total Balance' and 'Available Balance' do not match?

Scenario 1  - Unconfirmed Deposits

If you have made a recent deposit, this will be added to your 'Total Balance' as soon as it is received but will not add to your 'Available Balance' until the deposit has completed the required number of Deposit Confirmations. To get more information of the number of Deposit Confirmations required for deposits of each cryptocurrency coin, see below.

#1. Search for the coin on our Coininfo page
Search_Coins.PNG 245.42 KB
#2. Click on the relevant coin, e.g. DOT.
#3. Go to 'Settings' for that coin.
Coin_Settings.PNG 93.05 KB

#4. Review the number next to 'Deposit Confirmations'.

PLEASE NOTE: When you make a deposit, it first needs to be confirmed by that cryptocurrency coin's network before it is available in your Cryptopia account.  As it is that network that confirms transactions and not exchanges, we have no control over the speed at which this happens.

Scenario 2  - Unconfirmed Withdrawals

Funds that you have withdrawn from your wallet that are pending your authorisation (via email link) will be we marked as 'Unconfirmed' and held awaiting your confirmation or cancellation of that request. These funds will not be included in your balance calculation.

You can check the status of your withdrawals in your Withdraw History. From here you can also resend your email confirmation link or cancel the withdrawal request.
withdrawal confirmation.PNG 45.73 KB

Scenario 3  - Open Trades

If you have made a recent trade order, it may not have been filled instantly. Cryptopia holds the balance of the cryptocurrency coin you are selling and does not credit you with the coins you are buying until that trade has been successfully completed. These open trade funds will remain held until your trade is completed or cancelled by you. 

#1. You can check the current status of your trades in the Open Trades page of your account. 
Open_Orders_censored.jpg 79.94 KB

#2. You can also cancel any Open Trades from the same page.

I had coins here, but now they are not in my balance whatsoever?

The Cryptopia exchange is proud to host many large well established cryptocurrencies, as well as up and coming altcoins. Unfortunately, from time to time cryptocurrency coins are delisted. You can read more about the delisting process in our articles. Once the wallet for a coin has been completely decommissioned the balance you had of that delisted coin will no longer be seen in your balances. 

PLEASE NOTE:  It is not advisable to use any cryptocurrency exchange markets as a long term option for holding your cryptocurrency.  

My balance is 0. How do I track all activity on my account?

You can track all activity that would affect your balances via Open Trades, Trade History, Deposit History, Withdraw History, and Transfer History.

You suspect your account has been compromised 

If you suspect your account may have been compromised, please read this article.