How do I buy Cryptocurrency?

Cryptopia Exchange allows you to buy many cryptocurrencies through our several active base markets (BTC, USDT, and NZDT). To start, you will need to have some cryptocurrency in your account to be able to trade. If you have cryptocurrency elsewhere, like a personal wallet or another exchange read our article 'How do I make a deposit to Cryptopia?'.

If you don't have any cryptocurrency and you are looking to join the cryptocurrency world, read our article on 'Can I deposit into my Cryptopia account using my local currency (I don't live in NZ)?'.

Once you have credit in your wallet, you can trade cryptocurrency coins. You can trade using a combination of any two currencies active on our exchange platform.

PLEASE NOTE: We have provided an example below of how to buy DOT with your BTC (Bitcoin). This is for illustrative purposes only.


#1. Log in to your Cryptopia account.

#2. Click the 'Exchange' button in the top left of the menu bar, this will display the 'Exchange Market' landing page.
BuyBitcoinNZDT.PNG 190.45 KB

#3. Use the 'Search bar' in the top left and type 'DOT' in a 'BTC' tab for the DOT/BTC trading pair (or the digital cryptocurrency you wish to purchase).


PLEASE NOTE:  Trading pairs are displayed in order of the the coin you wish to purchase first and the coin you are purchasing second. 

#5. On the right side you can see a Dotcoin market page. The simplest way for you to buy DOT is to match with an existing Sell Order. Our article 'What is a Buy or Sell order?' has further information.
Dotcoin_Market.PNG 111.39 KB

#6. To do this, click on 'Sell Orders' – top row, on the left (the red circle on the screenshot). This will automatically populate the Buy BTC box with the required information.

Sell_Order.PNG 39.19 KB


#7. Click on the 'Available' Balance bar at the top of the box and the order will be automatically adjusted to match your available BTC. 
Balance.PNG 21.43 KB

#8. Click the 'Buy DOT' button to complete your order. This will instantly buy DOT and credit the coins it to that wallet in your account.
#9. After your Order is filled, you will get a Notification in the upper right bar saying how many DOT coins you purchased with your BTC.

Notification_Sell_Order_censored.jpg 25.64 KB
  • These coins should be seen in your balances instantly. 
PLEASE NOTE: Exceptions can occur and a slight lag if the server is seeing massive traffic. 
  • Whatever was not used as part of your buy order will be credited to your account. In the illustration above 0.00001468 BTC will be in the BTC available balances along with 2513.43887567 DOT. 
PLEASE NOTE: All transactions are recorded in your Trade History, here you can find additional details of any transaction such as Market, Type, Rate, Amount, Total, Fee and Timestamp. 

Can I buy another coin with what I just bought?

As noted above, Cryptopia has 3 active base markets currently – BTC, USDT, and NZDT. If a particular coin is part of a trade pair in more than one base market you can trade between them. For example, you can see DOT is available as a DOT/BTC trade pair and a DOT/USDT.

DOT/BTC trade pair

DOT/USDT trade pair

You can search between the markets and see which currencies are available in each base market. When you buy a currency it is not tethered to that base market.  

PLEASE NOTE: BTC, USDT and NZDT are available in every base market.