How do I cancel my order?

Instant Buy and Sell Orders cannot be cancelled once you have clicked the 'Buy XXX' or 'Sell XXX' buttons.

Open Orders can be cancelled if you have not received any trades on them. If you have received partial trades, you can cancel the remaining coins available. 

To cancel your order or simply make your coins available again, follow these steps:

#1. Go to your Open Trades page.

#2. Click on the order you wish to cancel and click on the 'X' button next to it to cancel the order. Click on 'Cancel All' to cancel all your open trades. 

Cancel_Order.jpg 42.52 KB

#3. The coins from the cancelled order will be returned to your account. If you had received part trades on your order, you will receive any remaining coins left on the order. 

PLEASE NOTE: If a coin is in maintenance, this will not affect your ability to cancel your order.