How can I change my registered email address?

Please follow the steps below  to change your registered email address. 

#1. Go to the Cryptopia Support page.

#2. In the 'Category' field choose 'Account' and in the 'Subcategory' field choose 'Change Email'
#3. Then click on 'Create New Ticket'
change email.PNG 9.8 KB

#4. In the 'Subject' field, type 'Change Registered Email Address' and in the field below indicate your new email address. This will allow us to easily identify your issue and forward it to the right support team member.
change_address.PNG 21.05 KB

#4. In the 'Description' field please include the the following additional information:

a. Your current registered email address and the new email address you want registered to your account.

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive an email reply to your ticket acknowledging your email address change request. Your email address change will not take place for 24 hours to allow time to reject this change. 

#5. Click 'Submit'

PLEASE NOTE: In order to protect your security, we do not allow you to change to your personal email address. 

If you are unable to access your account, Cryptopia support will need to assist you. Please send an email to and we will be able to help you change your email.

In your email, to enable us to verify that you are the account owner, please provide us with a minimum of three records of your account information from the list below:  
  • Recent deposits
  • Withdrawals and trades
  • Your balances
  • Wallet address
  • Payment IDs
  • Tx ID’s
  • Login dates
  • IP address
  • Registration date