How do I close/deactivate/delete my account?

If you wish to close/deactivate your Cryptopia account, you will need to lodge a support ticket and our support staff will permanently disable your account. They will also remove the email address associated with it. You cannot delete your own account for security reasons.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you raise a support ticket, please ensure all open orders are closed and you have withdrawn all cryptocurrency coin balances into your own personal wallet.


#1. Raise a support ticket at requesting your account be permanently disabled.
raise support ticket.PNG 61.09 KB

#2. In the 'Category' field choose 'Other' and click on the 'Create New Ticket'
create new ticket.PNG 8.1 KB

#3. In the 'Subject' field type 'DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT'

deactivate account.PNG 21.53 KB

#4. In the body of the support ticket, please confirm you have withdrawn all cryptocurrency coin balances you wish to retain.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your account is deactivated, all previously generated wallet addresse for this account will be void. If transactions reach the address associated with the disabled account, they will be inaccessible.