Can I deposit into my Cryptopia account using my local currency (I don't live in NZ)?

If you do not have a New Zealand bank account, the only way to make a deposit using your local currency is by using a cryptocurrency exchange service servicing your domestic country.  You should do your research carefully, there are many options available and not all exchange services allow fiat conversion.  Choose the right exchange that best meets your requirements and expectations. 

PLEASE NOTE: Cryptopia has no affiliation with any third party crytocurrency exchange service. 

Examples of cryptocurrency exchange services include:


Once you have set up a wallet with a cryptocurrency exchange service,  you can then use it's  withdrawral and deposit functions to transfer digital currencies between that service and your Cryptopia account.

To learn more about making deposits from other sites or wallets, go to 'How do I deposit from other sites or wallets?' page. 

If you are a New Zealand bank account holder, learn more about depositing $NZD in your Cryptopia account here