How do I deposit from other sites or wallets?

How do deposits work?

Deposits cause Blockchain Transactions between cryptocurrency wallets.

Blockchain Transactions between wallets are not instant and require verification via 'Confirmations'. The Confirmations occur when transactions are confirmed to be legitimate by miners. This confirmed block will be added to the Blockchain and continues to be confirmed as new blocks are added.

Once the deposit has reached the number of Confirmations equivalent to Cryptopia's set amount for that coin,  the deposit will be available in your account.

The set number of 'Confirmations' is pre-determined by Cryptopia based on the strength and security of that coin's network. You can view the number of block confirmations each coin requires on our CoinInfo page, click the 'Settings' tab and at 'Deposit Confirmations' you can see how many times the block needs to be confirmed by the network before the deposit is available in your balance.

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PLEASE NOTE: Cryptopia does not perform these confirmations or have any control over the time they take to complete. The confirmations are completed by miners on the Blockchain. Transactions with higher fees will are far more likely to be added to a block first.

The time it takes to complete Confirmations is determined by a number of factors. The two main factors are:

#1. The network transaction fee paid when a transaction was initially sent (i.e. the 'withdraw fee'); and

#2. The number of transactions currently on the network waiting to be confirmed. Generally, the more transactions in the queue, the longer it takes for your balance to be available.

How do I make a deposit from another exchange?

As every cryptocurrency exchange or service has a different process for withdrawing funds, please refer to the specific guide of that exchange for withdrawal information. 

You can find details required to deposit into a Cryptopia account in our 'Deposits' page. Further information is also contained here.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have sent a transaction from another exchange to your Cryptopia account, the fee is set by the other exchange and not by Cryptopia. However, if you are withdrawing from a personal wallet, you may be able to select the fee rate. Higher transaction fees can fasten the Confirmations. For information on how to nominate increased fees for faster Confirmation, please see our 'What are Blockchain Confirmations' page?

If you are want to deposit cryptocurrency to your Cryptopia account, please see our article How do I make a deposit? for detailed instructions on:

  • Depositing coins such as Bitcoin or alternate cryptocurrency;
  • Depositing $NZD using a New Zealand bank account;
  • Depositing your local currency using a third party service.