DFSCoin (DFS) Delisting Notice (10/04/18)

Dear Cryptopians

As of today (April 10th), DFSCoin (DFS) has been put into delisting. The reason for this is because DFS is swapping to a new coin in order to allow them to update their code base. 

We contacted their development team on March 26th to find out more about the swap, however since no details were provided about upcoming update we will be delisting the DFSCoin as per our Delisting Policy. 

In order to ensure your funds are safe and off the exchange before DFS is removed, we recommend withdrawing from the exchange immediately and researching the procedure around the swap.

The coin will be fully delisted one month from today (last day on the exchange being May 10th). 

Any issues or questions regarding the swap should be directed to the DFS developers.

Kind regards

The Cryptopia Team