FazzCoin (FAZZ) Delisting Notice (29/03/18)

Dear Cryptopians

As of today (March 29th) FAZZ has been put into delisting. The reason for this is that they will be moving from their current coin to an Ethereum token.

The developers want to swap to an ERC-20 token because no miners are present on their network. This means that the chances of you being able to withdraw your funds to your personal wallet will be quite low.

This is not the fault of Cryptopia.

The developers have a responsibility to ensure that the network is being mined so their coin does not lose functionality. They have been contacted by our wallets team and are fully aware that they are being delisted and that it is their responsibility to ensure the well-being of their holders’ assets.

We have not been informed about their swapping procedure. We recommend following any news outlets or social media sites to monitor the status of FAZZ coin so that you do not miss out on the swap if it goes ahead.

Once again, we wish to inform you that withdrawals may face issues and firmly reiterate that all complaints regarding the state of the network should be directed to the FAZZ developers.

Kind regards
Cryptopia Team