What fees does Cryptopia charge and how do I see them?

Cryptopia charges fees on Trades and Withdrawals on our Exchange.

Trading Fees

  • Cryptopia charges a 0.2% fee for every trade on our Exchange.
  • The fee is automatically calculated and displayed in the 'Fee' field after you have entered an 'Amount' and 'Price'. 
  • The 'Total' field includes the fee which is shown before you confirm the order.

PLEASE NOTE: Further information on how to trade on Cryptopia can be found in our article 'How do I trade? (for beginners)'

Withdrawal Fees

  • Each cryptocurrency coin listed on Cryptopia has different fee for Withdrawals. 
  • These fees are static amounts for each transaction, not percentages of the value of your withdrawal, e.g. you will pay the same withdrawal fee whether you’re withdrawing .01 BTC or 1 BTC in a single transaction.
  • You can view our Withdrawal Fees on the Coininfo page, under 'Settings' for each cryptocurrency coin.
  • Withdrawal fees are based on the individual Blockchain transaction cost for that coin. This blockchain transaction cost goes towards paying the miners undertaking confirmations and network running costs.
  • Cryptopia reviews the 'Withdrawal Fees' on coins periodically, after assessing the average cost of a single transaction on the Blockchain and considering  transaction speed optimisation.  

PLEASE NOTE: For detailed information on how to withdraw your coins please see our article How do I make a withdrawal?'article. For further information on Blockchain Confirmations, please refer to our article What are Blockchain Confirmations?