Why hasn’t my deposit arrived in my Cryptopia Account?

If you have made a deposit to an address in your Cryptopia account, and you can not see it in your wallet, there may be a number of reasons. See below to troubleshoot:

SCENARIO #1. You made a deposit to an incorrect coin address on Cryptopia.

If you have made a deposit to a coin address held in your Cryptopia account but mistakenly used the address of a different coin (for example, sending BTC to your BCH address), this deposit will not be received or credited to your account. This is known as a Cross Chain Transaction.

PLEASE NOTE: This is because the wallets for each coin are not compatible with transactions for a different coin currency.

Cryptopia may be able to attempt a manual recovery, however this will be assessed on a case by case basis. Please note that there is a 10% fee to attempt to perform a Cross Chain recovery. For further investigation please follow these steps:

#1. Raise a support ticket with the subject line 'Deposit made to an incorrect coin address on Cryptopia' 
Raise_Ticket.PNG 18.19 KB

#2. In the body of the support ticket, please include the 'Transaction ID' of your transfer and specify which coin was sent to which address. Please also include if you agree to Cryptopia's Cross Chain recovery fee of 10%.

Description.PNG 26.71 KB

#3. Cryptopia Support will review the details and advise you of the outcome via the same support ticket

PLEASE NOTE: If we can perform this Cross Chain recovery, you must first agree to a 10% recovery fee. Cross Chain Transactions are a direct result of user error and the impact to Cryptopia resources can be significant.

SCENARIO #2. The deposit transaction was incorrectly sent or broadcast to the Blockchain from the sending wallet.

You should check and verify the status of the transaction from the place it was sent (usually either another wallet or exchange). If there appears to be an issue, it will need to be resolved by whoever manages the sending wallet. 

SCENARIO #3. The deposit transaction may have not been been received on the Blockchain.

Blockchain transactions are not instant and require verification via 'Confirmations'. The Confirmations occur when transactions are confirmed to be legitimate by miners. This confirmed block will be added to the Blockchain and continues to be confirmed as new blocks are added.

Cryptopia does not perform these Confirmations or have any control over the time in which these Confirmations are completed. The Confirmations are completed by miners on the Blockchain. Transactions with higher fees are far more likely to be added to a block first.

The time it takes to complete confirmations is determined by a number of factors. The two of the main factors are:

  • The network transaction fee paid when a transaction is first sent (i.e. the 'withdraw fee').
  • The number of transactions currently on the network waiting to be confirmed. Generally, the more transactions in the queue, the longer it takes for your balance to be available.

See our article 'What are Blockchain Confirmations?'page for more information.

If the transaction appears to be successful from the sending wallet, you should use the related block explorer for your coin to check that it has been received on the blockchain.

PLEASE NOTE: you will also need details of your transaction in order to find it on a block explorer. Details of a transaction should be available from the place you sent it from. The Transaction ID/Transaction Hash, or equivalent, will be the best way to find a specific transaction. You may also be able to use your sending or destination address to view specific transactions to or from these addresses though this method is not ideal if you have sent it from another exchange. 

To check if your transaction was received correctly on the Blockchain, follow the steps below:

#1. Go to your 'Deposit History'.

#2. Copy your 'Transaction ID' (circled in the screenshot).
Block_Explorer _censored.jpg 35.04 KB

#3. Go to 'Coininfo' page and click on the coin you deposited, e.g. IFT 
Coin_Info_ift. PNG.PNG 22.32 KB

#4. Click on the 'Links' tab for the coin, then click on the 'Explorer' link which will lead you to the Coin Explorer website. Paste your Transaction ID in the 'Search' bar to see if your transaction appears on the Blockchain.

PLEASE NOTE: As the website interface of each Coin Explorer may differ, please, specify how to search for the transaction on each particular website.

  • If you cannot locate your specific transaction on the related block explorer, this indicates it has not been broadcast successfully from the sending non-Cryptopia wallet, and will need to be resolved by the non-Cryptopia service, from where you sent your coins.

  • If you can locate your specific transaction on the related block explorer, it should provide details of the transaction as well as the current status. Please, check the transaction has been sent to your correct Cryptopia address, and also check the status.

  • If the status is ‘failed’, this indicates an issue with the way it was sent, and that will need to be resolved by the non-Cryptopia service, from where you sent your coins.

  • If the status is 'OK', 'Unconfirmed', or 'Confirmed', this indicates it was broadcast successfully, and should be ready for Cryptopia to receive, subject to the correct address being input.  Most block explorers will display how many confirmations the transaction has received. If it has not met the requirements as seen in our CoinInfo page, under 'Settings' then it will not be in your available balance. 

SCENARIO #4. The wallet you send the deposit to is in maintenance.

When a wallet is in maintenance, transactions will not be processed. Pending deposits should be received once the wallet is back online.  

We recommend that you track and check a wallet status through our 'Coininfo' page. To do this:

#1. Visit 'Coininfo'

#2. Search for the coin that you are enquiring about, e.g. DOT
Coin_Info.PNG 23.58 KB

#3. Click on the coin. If the wallet is in maintenance or there is a recent status update on that coin, this will be displayed in the 'Wallet Status':

Wallet_Status.png 23.7 KB

Maintenance.PNG 25.53 KB

#4. We also recommend following us on Twitter to stay up to date with news and service announcements.

SCENARIO #5. The deposit transaction was sent using a Smart Contract that Cryptopia does not currently automatically support.

The deposit tracker we use at Cryptopia does not currently pick up transactions sent via Smart Contract. Cryptopia recommends sending Deposits to Cryptopia without using Smart Contracts

PLEASE NOTE: A Smart Contract is a way of sending funds and information that is set to run by defined rules. All Ethereum clones and tokens are the only type of currency that we support that can perform smart contracts. 

Please, see this message on your 'Deposits' page that clearly warns against sending Deposits using Smart Contracts:
If you do send a deposit to Cryptopia using a Smart Contract, when you check the transaction details on the block explorer it can show as successfully sent but the transaction may not be received in your account. 

We can still manually process and credit Smart Contract deposits to your account, but you will need to lodge a support ticket with as much detail as possible including dates, times, amounts, transaction ID (or link to the transaction on the block explorer) and we will investigate further. This may take some time to complete.  

SCENARIO #6. Other 

If your transaction is shown as successful on the block explorer but your deposit has not been received, we recommending reviewing the troubleshooting items listed above to see if any of them apply. If you need further assistance, we are happy to help and ask you to lodge a support ticket with as much detail as possible including dates, times, amounts, transaction ID (or link to the transaction on the block explorer) so that we can investigate further.