PosWallet (POSW) Delisting Notice (29/03/18)

Dear Cryptopians

As of today (March 29th) PosWallet (POSW) has been put into delisting. The reason for this is because POSW is swapping to a new coin, XSN, to allow them to implement new features that could not be done while keeping the previous blockchain.

Their website includes an overview of the relevant technological advances they have implemented: https://xsncoin.io/#roadmap 

NOTE: Cryptopia is in no way endorsing this link or its safety. Please take absolute care and observe best practices regarding internet safety.

In order to ensure your funds are safe and off the exchange before POSW is removed, we recommend withdrawing from the exchange immediately and researching the procedure around the swap.

Cryptopia will not be participating in the swap, and we can not confirm at this time that the new coin will be listed.

The POSW network will stop being supported on 1 May 2018. This leaves Cryptopia users enough time to withdraw before the network slows down or is dropped. We anticipate no issues with the delisting process.

The coin will be fully delisted one month from today (last day on the exchange being April 29th). 

Any issues or questions regarding the swap should be directed to the POSW developers.

Kind regards
The Cryptopia Team