Why hasn't my trade completed?

If there is an 'Open Trade' cryptocurrency order on your account, your Trade will not completed until another user chooses to trade at the coin price you have set. 

PLEASE NOTE: Cryptopia does not buy or sell your cryptocurrency coins, we simply provide the platform for other users to trade.

If your price is high, then you may need to wait for the market value to rise before another user wishes to buy your coins for that amount. How quickly you sell your coins is dependent on how much you have set the price for.

If you want to sell your coins immediately, you can do so by selling directly into an active order. For more information on 'Open Trade' orders and how to instantly trade, please see article 'How do I trade (for beginners)?'

If you would like to cancel your order, please see this article.

PLEASE NOTE: A market may be paused if a coin's wallet is in maintenance. This decision may be made depending on why the wallet was put in to maintenance in the first place – i.e. security reasons.  If a market is paused and you want to see if the wallet is in maintenance, please see this article.

Additional information about Open Trades:

  • An Open Trade is a buy/sell order you have created to buy/sell a cryptocurrency coin at a specified price.
  • This Open Trade order only gets filled/completed when another user chooses to trade at the price you have specified.
  • An Open Trade order can get fully filled at once, or partially filled in smaller parts (depending on what amounts the other user chooses to purchase).
  • Balances will be adjusted instantly when an order, or part of one, completes.
  • For more information on Open Trade orders and how to instantly trade, please see article 'How do I trade (for beginners)?'.

How do I adjust the price of my order?

#1. Log in to your Cryptopia Account.

#2. Select 'Trades'

You cannot adjust the price of your order once you have submitted it to the order book. You must first cancel the order and resubmit at your new price. Please see this article on how to cancel your order.

How do I review my past trades?

#1. Log in to your Cryptopia Account.


#1. Go to your 'Account',
Account_censored.jpg 59.52 KB

#2. Scroll down the left hand menu until you get to the 'Trade History' button
Trade_History_V2.PNG 30.46 KB

#3. All your Trade History will be displayed.