How do I make a transfer?

The Transfer function on the Cryptopia website is an instant and fee-free method to transfer coins from one Cryptopia account/user to another Cryptopia account/user.

PLEASE NOTE: a transfer does NOT change one coin into another type and does not send coins to external wallets or other exchange accounts.

How do I make a transfer?

#1. Log in to your Cryptopia account.

#2. Hover over the 'B' icon in the top right menu bar next to your username and click on 'Transfer' from the drop down menu.
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#3. Select the currency you would like to transfer to another Cryptopia account/user, e.g. DOT.
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#4. Click the 'Next' button. 
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#4. In the 'Search' box enter the exact Cryptopia username you want to transfer your coins to and click the 'Verify User' button. 
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#5. Check that the verified Cryptopia username is who you want to transfer to.
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#6. Type the amount you want to transfer in the 'Amount' field. If you want to transfer your entire balance, click on your balance and this will fill the 'Amount' field with your entire balance.


#6. Click the 'Send Email Code' button to sent a unique dynamic 2FA Email Code to your registered Two Factor email address. You will be presented with the following notification 'Email successfully sent to your registered two factor email address'
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#7. You will receive the 'Transfer Two Factor Confirmation' email with unique dynamic 6 digit code
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PLEASE NOTE:  This email will allow you to double check that your account is secured from unauthorized access. If you did not initiate this transfer, we recommend locking your account and following our article on 'What do I do if I think my account has been compromised?'

#8. Enter your unique dynamic 2FA Email Code which has been sent to your registered email and click on the 'Next' button to complete the instant transfer.
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#7. To view your previous transfers click on the 'View Transfer History' button.

#8. Or go to your 'Transfer History' though your account. Here you will be able to see who you have sent funds to using the 'Transfer' service and also who has transferred to your account.
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