What is the Trollbox and how do I participate/use?

What is the Trollbox?

The Trollbox is a web-based chat room for discussion and interaction with the Cryptopia community and general Cryptocurrency enthusiasts that is hosted by Cryptopia. The Trollbox is moderated by well known, trusted Cryptopia users, who can provide general advice and assistance with how to use the site.

The Trollbox is not monitored by our Support Team. For any support issues, please lodge a Support Ticket with Crypotopia here

It is extremely important to note that Cryptopia staff or moderators WILL NEVER ask for your password, Two Factor Authorization, or other account details. 

Please ensure you review our tips on 'How do I make my account more secure?' before using links or information provided by other users on the Trollbox and never disclose any account information. You can change your chat handle by heading to your Account

We ask that you respect other users and moderators when using the Trollbox and that you adhere to the rules at all times. Instructions on how to use view Trollbox are outlined below.

PLEASE NOTE:  A moderator has the right to ban users for a period of time from the Trollbox following contravention of the chat rules.

How do I participate or use?

#1. Log in to Cryptopia.

#2. Click the 'Exchange' button in the top left of the menu bar.
Exchange.PNG 195.36 KB

#3. Click on the 'The Chat' button shown on the side panel of all the pages under our 'Exchange'.
Chat.PNG 73.93 KB

#3. The Trollbox chat interface will now show on the left side of the page. You can view the Trollbox chat on a full window by clicking on the 'icon' at the top of Trollbox.
Trollbox_censored.jpg 34.72 KB

#4. The 'text box' at the bottom of the chat is where you can post a comment. If you want to 'tag' a user, insert @ before their username.
Text_Box_censored.jpg 43.83 KB

#5. To insert an emoticon to your comment, click on the 'Smiley Face' to bring up a box of emoticons.
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#6. To view the 'Trollbox Rules' click on the 'Bullet Point' icon at the top of Trollbox.
Bullet_Rules.jpg 57.82 KB

#7. The Trollbox provides the ability to voluntarily 'tip' other users in the chatroom, using your own Cryptopia account funds. To tip a user, click on the 'Bitcoin' icon and complete the fields. 
#8. If you like a particular post, you can give it +1 karma by clicking on the 'Thumbs Up' icon.
#9. To add a user to 'Chat Ignore List' and not see their posts, click on the 'Person' icon for the user that you want to add.

Person_Icon.jpg 5 KB

#10. To add a user to 'Tipping Ignore List' and not give them tips, click on the 'Coins' icon for the user that you want to add. 

#11. The Trollbox is moderated by well known, trusted Cryptopia users and these moderators are indicated with a Green Shield icon. 

The Trollbox Chat Rules