How can I unlock my account?

Your Cryptopia account may be locked for the following reasons:

#1. Invalid login attempts

Your account will automatically lock after three invalid login attempts.

You will be notified via email after each failed attempt, the email will include the IP address from which the login was attempted. The third failed attempt will result in an email to say your account is locked. 

#2. You manually locked your account

You can manually lock your account through selecting the 'LOCK MY ACCOUNT' link in specific emails forwarded from Cryptopia.  These emails will be generated after each failed log in attempt, successful logins (if enabled by you) or withdrawal of fund confirmations.

PLEASE NOTE: Once this link is selected, you will be again notified via email that your account has been locked.

#3. Cryptopia Support locked your account

Cryptopia Support can lock a user's account if they detect suspicious trading activity or we believe you contravened our service terms and conditions, including Trollbox regulations.
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The method for unlocking your account will depend on the cause of the lock. The steps below outline our options. 

OPTION 1 – Invalid Login Attempts  

After three invalid login attempts.

#1. Please wait 15 minutes and try logging in again.

#2. If your account was locked because you have forgotten your password, please reset your password.

#3. If your account was locked due to a keystroke error and you entered in the wrong password, you will need to be patient and wait for the lock to expire after 15 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: After following the 'Forgot My Password' link and resetting your password, your account will remain locked and will not enable again until the expiration of the 15 minutes lock period. 

OPTION 2 – You Manually Locked Your Account  

#1. Your account will stay locked for 24 hours, after which it will automatically unlock.

PLEASE NOTE: Following the 'Forgot My Password' link and resetting your password when your account was manually locked by you will not enable you to access your account within the 24 hour lock period.

#2. Please do not raise a support ticket for your account to be unlocked within the 24 hour period as our support staff are unable to unlock your account within this period. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you did not lock your account and you would like us to investigate the circumstances surrounding your locked account, please raise a support ticket when you are able to log into your account again. Please enter 'LOCKED ACCOUNT INVESTIGATION' as the subject and include in the description of the ticket that you did not request your account to be locked and we will nvestigate.

#3. You can unlock your account via the email sent after you manually locked your account. 
  • Click the 'Unlock My Account' button contained within that email. 
  • You will be prompted to enter your 2FA (2 Factor Authentication). If you do not have a 2FA set up for Lockout, this will be the 2FA Email Code which will be sent to your registered 2FA email address
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OPTION 3 –  Your Account Was Locked By Support 

You can forward an email enquiry to requesting the reason that your account was locked. 

PLEASE NOTE: Please do not email support to unlock your account if you have locked your account through failed log in attempts or by you clicked the 'Lock My Account' button via an email. You will need to wait for your account to be unlocked automatically, either 15 mins or 24 hours respectively. Our auto-lock function is in place to protect your account from suspicious activity.