Do I need to be verified?

Following successful registration of your Cryptopia account, you automatically achieve LEVEL 1 VERIFICATION. This happens when you click on the activation email we send to you and you log into your account. For further information about setting up a Cryptopia account, see 'How do I set up an account with Cryptopia'. 

LEVEL 1 VERIFICATION gives you access to all functions and features on Cryptopia. 

The only restriction placed on LEVEL 1 VERIFICATION is the limit and type of withdrawals and transfers between Cryptopia accounts.  This is currently cryptocurrency only with the equivalent value of $5000 NZD every 24 hour*.

*PLEASE NOTE: a '24 hour period' means 24 hours from your first withdrawal or transfer, for example, if you make a withdrawal at 4pm on the 8th of Jan, your 24 hour period for that amount runs until 3.59 pm 9th of Jan. The next 24 hour period will commence with your next withdrawal or transfer.

Please go to 'How do I increase my verification level?' for step by step instructions on how to increase your verification level if necessary.