Why can't I enter a Withdraw Address?

Two common reasons that you might not be able to enter a 'Wallet Address' when using our Withdrawal function include:

#1. Your Account Security page has ticked on the ‘Address Book Withdraw Only’ option. To fix this you can either add the address you want to withdraw to in your Withdrawal Address Book, or untick ‘Address Book Withdraw Only’ on your 'Account Security' page. 
No_Address.png 60.69 KB

#2. You could be entering the 'Address' incorrectly. This will return an 'invalid address' error if you enter an incompatible Address. Please, carefully check you are using the correct wallet Address. 

PLEASE NOTE: A wallet Address is NOT an email address. There is no consistent template for addresses as it depends on the cryptocurrency coin and it can vary in length and structure. If you are copying and pasting the address, make sure there is no leading or trailing white space that has been copied with the address as this will give an invalid address error.