CEO Alan Booth on Customer Service Improvements

I have spent my first week identifying the major issues that need our urgent attention in order to fulfil our promise of delivering you a fast, secure and customer focused cryptocurrency exchange. Other than ensuring better infrastructure and security, delivering faster support response times is one of the biggest priorities.
In the interests of greater transparency, I wanted to share with you our ‘Customer Service Four Point Plan’ that will be delivered over the coming quarter. We want to demonstrate that we are committed to significant improvements to re-gain some of the ground we’ve lost due to our recent exponential growth.

1.       Cryptopia Help Centre 

We have just launched our Cryptopia Help Centre.The objective in launching the Cryptopia Help Centre is to help on-board and support new customers navigate the Exchange as well as provide clear, accessible and relevant information to existing customers. We are aware that our support response times need dramatic improvement and this tool will help some customers self-serve for basic ‘How To’ questions. This Help Centre is being added to daily so please let us know via Facebook Messenger if you’d like information on a particular topic added and we will do our best to do so.


2.       Support system upgrade

We are working with a third party platform to implement a major ticketing system upgrade within the next two months to better manage our support enquiries. This will streamline many currently manual processes and better identify and triage urgent account issues. In the short term, we have just implemented a new ‘drop down’ for support queries that will reduce the wait time for urgent queries.

3.       More staff

We are currently training another support team in the UK to ensure we can offer 24/7 support. They will be operational very soon and we have also hired additional local support staff (we are adding to both teams as fast as we can). All support staff will be solely focused on getting through your support queries and delivering faster response times in the near future.

4.       Clear goals and targets

All of the above efforts amount to nothing without setting clear targets for the team to ensure we are 100% focused to deliver you better customer service. We are currently identifying fortnightly goals for the team to reach in order to reduce wait times for urgent issues within a 48 hour period.
We have a solid plan to deliver you a better customer service experience. Unfortunately, it does take time to ensure we are implementing long-lasting and effective tools for improvements that are scalable - so thank you in advance for your ongoing patience. 
Alan Booth
Cryptopia CEO

02 March 2018