Four Point Plan: CEO Update

Dear Cryptopians

Significant progress has been made by the team over the past fortnight, particularly in the area of our Customer Service Four Point Plan. I want to share some results with you as maintaining transparency is an important part of demonstrating that we can, and will, deliver on our promise of a fast, secure and customer focused cryptocurrency exchange.

I could not be more proud of our support staff, wider management and development teams in taking on the enormous task of working through the recent growth issues. Well done team.

1. The Cryptopia Help Centre:

With almost 2% of users accessing our Help Centre since launching on March 2, we can already see that our goal of providing you with better information has led to a reduction in support tickets. We are constantly adding to the Help Centre, so please contact us via Facebook Messenger if you have any ideas for an article. Video Tutorials are coming soon!

2. Support System Upgrade:

This project is well underway and scheduled to go live at the end of April. This will automate many of the processes we currently undertake manually and will have an immediate impact on response times. In the meantime, our new drop down support menu for new tickets has meant we have seen greater efficiency with dedicated support teams moving very quickly through ticket groups.

3. Staff:

Since December, our support team has grown by 150%. Our UK team is now fully trained and operational and there are plans in place to expand the team further in both regional centres.

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4. Clear goals and targets:

In the last week, the Support Team have resolved 21% of open tickets. At current rates, we project that all outstanding tickets will be closed within three weeks (with some exceptions requiring in-depth technical input). We expect to deliver a 72 hour response time very soon.

Here is the big news! We’ve also listed three new coins this week: Galactrum (ORE), Wispr (WSP) and GainerCoin (GNR) – welcome on board and a clear demonstration that things are on the way up again.

On a final note, there have been rumours circulating in the community this week that Cryptopia has been compromised. I can categorically confirm that this is not the case. If you have been affected or are concerned by the spate of failed log in attempts, please see our FAQ article posted earlier this week.

Happy trading!

Alan Booth
CEO - Cryptopia