NZDT Update

A reminder that our NZDT account is due to close on the 31st March. However, due to the Public Holidays in NZ, the last opportunity for withdrawals will be this Thursday 29th March 3pm NZ time. If you wish to withdraw your NZDT please ensure you have confirmed your withdrawal by this time. 

We are intending to close the NZDT markets. The date of the markets closing is yet to be determined but will likely be soon (within a week). We intend to have a Bitcoin buy order in the BTC base market until further notice so if you hold NZDT after the closure you will still be able to purchase Bitcoin with NZDT.

We are intending to bring a full NZDT market back in future. Unfortunately, at this time there are multiple issues surrounding the return so we currently have no timeframe to share.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

The Cryptopia Team